F# & ivi & laura


Taking you on a wild journey..


F# feat. Laura & Ivi is 100% improvisation, spontaneous, creative, alive, entertaining.
Nothing is prepared or planned, everything is possible. F# feat. Laura & Ivi breaks all conventions of jazz, even the conventions of free jazz, because everything is allowed, even a pop or reggae sequence, if that is what wants to happen.
This is jazz on the next level.

In spring of 2016, three acclaimed Finnish jazz composers, pianist Hille, bassist Huhtala and drummer Ketola, formed F# and played their debut gig at the Pori Jazz Festival 2016. F# released their debut album “The Wannsee Punk“ in April 2018 to much acclaim. The Finnish Music Quarterly (October 2018) wrote: „The album being so well-organized and aurally multi-faceted, it is at times hard to fathom that the music was improvised and recorded during a single session.“ – Jan-Erik Holmberg.

In fall 2017, during a tour in Estonia, F# started working with two Estonian improvising vocalists: Ivi Rausi and Laura Põldvere. Ivi & Laura both use electronica (as do pianist Hille and bassist Huhtala), thus adding sound colours, textural layers, and above all, improvised text. The resulting performance is an explosive and entertaining show of improvisation keeping the listeners on the edge of their chairs at all moments.

Laura Põldvere – vocals, electronics

Ivi Rausi – vocals, electronics

Sid Hille – piano, electronics, theremin

Jori Huhtala – bass, electronics

Markus Ketola – drums, percussion

CONTACT: info@lauraofficial.com